Falcon Cove Track and Field

Falcon Cove Runners Take on the Track!


Shaivi Jhaveri

Falcon Cove’s track and field teams are stronger and more determined than ever! Practicing during the pandemic isn’t always easy, but the coaches; Ms. Alter and Mr. Johnson, along with the athletes, have adjusted extremely well! 


Runners were attending practice everyday- from Monday to Thursday in the scorching sun in order to prepare for their meets and regionals throughout the month of April. 


“This is my first time coaching. I was a track and field athlete in middle school myself, and coaching brought back memories”, Coach Alter says.


Track and field teams consist of 18 boys and 18 girls, who were selected after 2 rounds of try-outs. Daily practices took place at Cypress Bay High School’s track, beginning immediately after school. This season, three meets have taken place, two at Walter. C. Young Middle School, and regionals which happened at Flanagan High School.


“I felt the whole season in general was a lot of fun,” says 8th grader Eain Hersh, who was recognized as a scholar athlete for playing multiple sports while maintaining a high GPA. “I ran the 4×200 and 4×400 relays, and I am grateful to have been on the team.”


The track team participated in regionals on May 5th at the Flanagan High School track. There were around 10 other schools competing. Although they weren’t able to bring home the win, our track athletes still performed very well! More importantly, they tried their best and had fun doing so. 


“It was nice, I was nervous at the time but I did my best,” says 7th grader Arianna Paz, who had competed in regionals. “When I finished my races, even though we didn’t win, I was feeling much more relaxed because I felt like I did well for someone who doesn’t have much experience.” 


Falcon Cove is very proud of their track team and all they’ve accomplished during their season! Athletes and coaches put in a ton of hard work and dedication, and it paid off as they crossed the finish line.


“It’s really nice to teach a sport that I have done, and running is so good for our bodies,” says Coach Alter. “It’s my passion, and I love to run on the weekends. It’s been a pleasure to pass my love of running to other kids.”