Cross Country: Season Final

The boys and girls celebrating together after a good season.

The boys and girls celebrating together after a good season.

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The Falcon Cove Cross Country team did very well at all of their competitions this year.  The first competition  the Falcons pulled a victory over the other teams which included Pioneer, Nova, Gulf Stream, Plantation, AC Perry, and Sawgrass Middle Schools.

“There was a lot of motivation going on and I feel as a team that we motivated each other,” said Samhita Kashyap, an eighth-grader on the Falcon Cove cross country team.


During their second competition on October 2, 2019, the Falcon Cove cross country team came in fourth. Although they did not place first, the team put in tons of effort, hard work, and determination. For some runners, it was only their second time competing in a cross country competition.


The  third and final Cross Country Championship, the boys were just edged out for first, and the girls came in fourth place. This was a great improvement from the second competition.

Ella Collins and Caleb Kavinsky came in first for the individual accolades in both the girls and boys divisions. “I felt really proud of myself,” Ella Collins said. 


This season for the Falcon Cove cross country team was excellent. Although the team did not win every competition, they put in a valiant effort and a copious amount of work in their 2019 season.




2019 Boys and Girls Cross Country Team