Elementary vs. Middle School: A Year In Review


Olivia Troche and Hatten Ali

6th graders, who came out of elementary school right after the global pandemic, now have their own unique, first middle school experience. The 2021-2022 6th grade students are about to become 7th graders. During this school year, they experienced different schedules, classes, and more compared to elementary school.

Going from elementary school to middle school can be a big change and take a long time to get used to. There are now even more people, classes, and work compared to elementary school. Even though it’s a big switch, 6th graders are starting to get comfortable and have gotten familiar with the Falcon Cove environment.

“The switch was kind of stressful because it was very different,” says 6th-grade student Brianna Affranchino, “The bell and the block schedule overall was so different, but everyone made it more comfortable”.

With middle school comes 8 different classes, 4 core, and 4 electives. These elective classes can range from Theatre to Chess, allowing every student to pick a class they will love and enjoy.

“My favorite class this year was Latinos in Action because I got to help the school and made many friends. The teacher is also really funny which is why it is my favorite class” says 6th-grade student Ana Sofia Otoia.

Going to a new school can be scary, exciting, or nerve-racking especially when it’s a change from elementary to middle school, and everyone’s first middle school experience is unique to them.

“I thought [Falcon Cove] was pretty cool, pretty big, and classes are nice,” says 6th-grade student Arthur Macedo.

6th-grade student Pia Sanchez also shares her first middle school experience, “It was kind of tough in the beginning but once I got used to it, it was really fun because I enjoyed the independence”.

During the 2021-2022 school year, Falcon Cove has had many fundraisers and events planned for the students to enjoy. Some students have personal favorites of events they participated in.

“My favorite event we did this year was Flight of the Falcons,” says 6th-grade student Isabella Zee”. “This is because there were many rides and fun activities, I also got to hang out with many of my friends”.