New Quarter, New Building


Falcon Cove’s new building!

Josh Stoll, Newspaper Editor

As the fourth quarter is starting up, so is the long-awaited new building at Falcon Cove. Students and staff moved into the building on March 30th and the first day of classes in the building began on March 31st. The building has been under construction for over 3 years. 

The new bus loop opened up as well on March 30th. Bus riders now will board their bus right outside the new building. 

“At the new bus loop, I feel that the kids are very confused on where to go and how to get there.” says 8th grade student, Chloe Blum. “The people assisting the bus loop help, but I find myself getting lost a lot more than the old bus loop which was way easier to manage.”

Most classes inside the new building are from the portables. Most portable classrooms are teachers who teach 6th grade. There are some 7/8th grade classes, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Chinese 1, and Chinese 2. 

“In the new building, I like the modern technology and the new furniture. The building is very aesthetically pleasing.” says Law Studies teacher Kalondra Mcphaul. “I don’t like the confusion about where the new classrooms are, and I do not like the new doors to the stairwells.”

Students who are in 8th grade have seen this building being built since they were in 6th grade. 8th graders are finally able to step foot into the building for the first time. 

“I was very excited to go inside of the new building.” says 8th grader Chloe Harvey. “I saw how long and hard they were working on the building. But I do wish we could have used the building longer throughout 6th and 7th grade.”

Along with the new building, came along a new courtyard. Students can spend their time before school starts, sitting and hanging out here. This will help make the Breezeway less crowded during the period from when students arrive on campus until the bell rings. 

“I like hanging out with my friends before school in the new courtyard.” says 6th grader Carly Rector. “There are also a lot of paths to walk on; so in between classes there is a lot less traffic. It is easier to walk around than the portables.”

Students have many different feelings about the new building. Some may be more negative than others. Some students feel that it will be harder to arrive at class on time and they have also gotten used to their walking route to their classes. 

“In the new building, it’s harder to get to classes because its farther from all of my other classrooms. It’s also very crowded in the upstairs hallways.” Says 8th grader Liva Kumange. “The classrooms are also smaller than the portables and when you have a lot of other students in the room, it can be challenging.”