FCMS Summer Break


Sophia Paduano and Abigail Monge

As the school year comes to a close, students and staff are getting ready for summer! Students do a lot of different things during the summer, such as summer camp, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family. Summer gives students and staff an opportunity to relax after a long, hard-working, stressful school year.

Several students summer plans include traveling. Lots of people plan to travel to sightsee, visit family, and make memories. Traveling can provide a chance to reunite with loved ones after a long time apart.

“This summer I plan to go to the beach with my family. My family and I will travel to Greece for a wedding.” Explains 6th grade student, Bijoux Lacombe. “I also plan to go to this basketball camp with my friends called Maimi Country Day. Where I will get to learn new skills about basketball. This will give me an opportunity to relax and get ready for the upcoming school year.”

An alternative to traveling can be as simple as relaxing and spending time with friends and family. Lots of students also enjoy the pool and beach during the summer. With hot scorching heat and high UV‘S it can be so refreshing to go to the pool or beach.

“I love to bike, so I will bike with my friends around my neighborhood. I also will spend lots of time by the pool.” States 7th grade, student Emilio Insua, “I do not plan to travel, but I think this summer break will benefit me because I will be spending this time with my friends.”

Because students have a lot of time off, students have a lot of time to travel before school starts again in the fall. Many students go on trips with their families and friends and can enjoy their vacation together.

“I am planning to go on a trip this summer that is called a teen tour. I am going with a bunch of teens our age and a year older.” Says 8th grader Jacey Stoll. “My favorite things to do over the summer are spend time with friends and relax without any school.”

Lots of students travel to tournaments, train, and attend sport summer camps over summer break. This benefits them by learning new skills and getting ready for the new sports season to start.

“I am planning to go to Texas for my summer break.” Says 8th grader, Mackenzie Rector. “It’s for a soccer tournament, and we will be competing against some of the top teams from each state.”