Netflix at The Cove


Gabriella Lowy and Lauren Mila

With over 220 million users and an estimate of around 5,400 shows/movies, Netflix is one of the most popular used streaming apps. So, what is Netflix? Netflix is a subscription based streaming service that was released on August 29, 1997, but it really got popular around the year of 2003. Netflix allows its users to choose from countless award winning, Netflix originals, documentaries, and TV shows. Netflix can be used on the TV you have at home or even be used on the cellular device you take everywhere with you when you’re on the go. A Basic Netflix subscription would cost up to $9.99 a month, while a Standard plan charges $15.50 a month.  

Netflix varies from many different movie genres such as action, adventure, family & children, horror, anime, comedies, dramas, romantic, etc. Students at Falcon Cove watch a lot of similar and diverse types of shows and movies on Netflix.  

Inika Chemuru, 6th grader mentions that her current favorite series on Netflix is “Ginny and Georgia.” “This is my favorite show on Netflix because it is very entertaining,” Inika says, “I watched it about a year ago and finished the whole first season.” Ginny and Georgia fits into the comedy/drama genre and is about a girl, Ginny, who moves to a New England town and starts a new life there with her mother and brother and waits to see what will happen next in her new chapter in life. 

On Netflix, students can watch films such as documentaries about a variety of topics. Things like true crime and sports are most popular.  

 Juan Diego Vargas, 7th grader, says his favorite Netflix movie is Baggio: The Divine Ponytail, which focuses on Roberto Baggio, famous soccer player, and what his career was like being one of the best futbol players of all time, viewers see his highlights and how he triumphed over his tough injuries.  

Netflix also has many “bingeable” tv shows. Shows that once you start watching, you cannot stop watching. This is an extremely popular thing people do on Netflix.  

“My favorite Netflix show is Jane the Virgin, it has a lot of drama and romance and I love the plot,” says Chandni Narang, 8th grader. Jane the Virgin is a Netflix Original and is based on Jane, the main character, who is a religious Latina who works at a hotel in Miami until something that is unexpected changes her life forever.  

Students can watch anime shows which are Japanese film cartoons. Many students at Falcon Cove enjoy watching these types of shows.  

Jonah Kline, 6th grader says his favorite series on Netflix would have to be Attack on Titan, “it’s my type of show and it has a lot of action.” Attack on Titan or “AOT” is an anime that consists of 3 seasons, but it was announced that there will be more coming.   

Overall, Netflix is a big streaming platform that is open to many viewers’ likes and interests. Students at Falcon Cove can relate to others based on their Netflix Watchlists and recommend new tv shows and movies to friends and groups.  

6th grader Sean Torres says his favorite show on Netflix is All American. All American is a 2 season show that is inspired by the true life of NFL football player Spencer Paysinger. Not only does All American focus on the football life of highschoolers but it addresses topics like classism, racism, and bullying.