A Day to Remember


Mia Solanet, Newspaper Editor

As the anniversary of 9/11 comes and goes, Falcon Cove educators teach and remember what happened on that tragic day when terrorists took control of airplanes and crashed them into the Twin Towers. This year, two Falcon Cove teachers, Mrs. Angelo and Mr. Powers, assigned projects summarizing the event that is described by President George W. Bush as,“the worst of human nature.” Students in the eighth-grade Cambridge Program were assigned a project by Mrs. Angelo whereas, students of  Mr. Powers’ study hall received a Q and A task related to September 11.  

Mrs. Angelo created a project covering the events and effects of the largest act of terrorism in the U.S. Citizens everywhere would probably agree this is important for students to learn. Angelo believes, “if you don’t know our history you are doomed to repeat it.” a quote by George Santayana. Angelo told her students to work with their New York partner, to create a powerpoint presentation. The powerpoint contains a timeline, explaining who the terrorists were,  who the heroes were, along with a slide that recalls the people’s response, security, and prevention. In addition, Angelo also wanted to hear from the students points of view, such what they would do if they were president during the 9/11 attack. She also asked them “to always think about what decision they would have made and how they can prevent it today.” Kids at Falcon Cove were not born at the time of September 11 which is why teachers feel it is important to review the events of 9/11 each year. 

Mr. Powers, a New Yorker himself, made a packet of 67 questions concerning the Twin Towers, terrorists, survivors, the Pentagon, flight crews, and victim

Cambridge students, Camilo Bolanos and Juan De Castro, present their September 11 project during Mrs. Angelo’s class; they presented Newspaper headlines regarding the tragic event.

s. “The world changed on 9/11… everything from airport security to travel to everything we do today in some way, shape or fashion a result of 9/11, and  I want them to see what impact it had on the world,” said the study hall teacher. Students in Mr. Powers’ and Mrs. Angelo’s classes think that it is strongly needed that the whole subject of September 11 should be talked about more.