Falcon Cove 2022 Yearbook Staff


Shaivi Jhaveri, FCMS Journalism Editor

The Best Journalism Staff Ever: Anna Algazi, Hatten Ali, Lana Alsati, Camila Aristizabal, Tali Bejar, Emiliana Belluccio, Isabella Blanco, Sabrina Borman, Izabella Carrasco, Arantza Chavez, Manuela Correa, Sofia Fernandez, Maria Gomez, Mia Grauer, Shaivi Jhaveri, Alia Langshaw, Ruby Lauria, Rowan Leone, Gabriela Lowy, Gabriela Manrique, Lauren Mila, Letizia Millan, Abigail Monge, Alexa Murguia, Sophia Paduano, Tamy Perlow, Sarah Porras, Shannah Sanchez, Joshua Stoll, Ricardo Sucre, Minha Syed, Jenna Tanner, Olivia Troche, Alice Wu!

As the school year reaches an ending, the long awaited end of year celebrations ensue. 8th graders received their 2022 Falcon Cove Yearbooks during the signing party. It was a wonderful afternoon spent laughing with friends and signing autographs while dancing to the music and enjoying donuts, popcorn, cotton candy, and more. The yearbook turned out lovely and full of memories of our time at The Cove.

The Journalism Staff did an incredible job, from the inside- out. Running around interviewing students, collecting pictures, creating captions, and perfecting each page took dedication and hard work. The yearbook became the largest one in the history of The Cove! Between Student Life, Sports, Student & Staff Portraits, Clubs, and Ads, none of it would have been possible without our phenomenal FCMS Yearbook Staff.

Yearbook Staffers Josh Stoll, Mia Grauer, Sophia Paduano, Gabriela Lowy, Lauren Mila, Alexa Murguia, and Hatten Ali with their yearbooks.

Newspaper Editor Joshua Stoll details his experience as a part of the Journalism Staff. “I really enjoyed Journalism. This class taught me many things, not just about yearbook,” Stoll explains. Along with yearbook, the staff and Newspaper Editor Josh Stoll regularly updated the FCMS News Site and social medias. “I learned how to properly write, about marketing, social media, and much more. I also enjoyed being an editor and it gave me great experience I can hopefully bring into high school to be in the Newspaper Class at Cypress.”

Students left sweet messages to each other in the yearbooks.

Falcon Cove’s Journalism Adviser made the entire yearbook possible. Thank you to Ms. Judith Malone for coordinating numerous meetings, overseeing the production of the yearbook, working hard on portraits, and for her constant encouragement and energy!

“Planning the yearbook party begins at the beginning of the school year by reserving the date and the location.” Ms. Malone expresses.  “Journalism students work hard quarters 1-3 to create and sell the yearbooks that are distributed at the party. I work with PTA to plan and purchase the food and get volunteers to help with the event. Yearbook signing party kicks off the 8th grade end of year get together celebrations!”

Thank you to PTA for all your help setting up!

Students enjoying their time at the Signing Party.

As Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook, it was rewarding to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as they flipped the pages the staff and I had worked so hard on. I felt wonderful when receiving compliments from friends and teachers. The process was long, and I worked day and night to make sure the yearbook was to the best of my capabilities, and it was worth it to see everyone so happy. The class taught me a lot on deadlines and how to be an efficient leader. I really enjoyed my two years on the Journalism Staff.

Journalism sincerely hopes everyone is happy with the yearbooks, enjoyed all the articles published this year, and was kept updated through our social media, @thefalcon.news!

Editor-in-Chief Shaivi Jhaveri, Alice Wu, and Adviser Ms. Judith Malone smiling as they hold the long-awaited yearbooks.

Thank you to all the teachers and students that made the 2022 Yearbook Possible!

~Signing Off for 2022

Shaivi Jhaveri

FCMS Journalism & Yearbook Editor