The Plan for High School

High school is around the corner for the 8th grade students of Falcon Cove, this is what some 8th graders have to say about the ideas of next year. 


Hatten Ali and Olivia Troche

Falcon Cove 8th grade students are preparing for their first year of high school. As the last quarter of the 2021-2022 school year begins, 8th graders’ last year in middle school is coming to a close. 

Students chose their electives for their freshman year of high school just before Spring Break. They picked 4 electives and 4 core classes, some classes being more exciting to take than others. Elective classes appealed to many different types of students and allowed them to choose courses they would be excited to take. 

“I’m excited to take photography next year!” says 8th grade student, Amanda Oliveros. “I was never good at art so now I get to express art in a different way that works for me.” 

High school can seem quite stereotypical from movies such as “High School Musical” and “Mean Girls” and from these movies it may seem easy to know all that happens in high school. However, it is important to learn 8th grade students’ assumptions on what they think high school is like and let them learn the truth next year. 

“Based on what I have seen in certain movies I have watched, I think that high school will be tiring and be a lot to handle at times.” says 8th grade student, Angela Kim. “I think it will also be very rewarding and fun, and I think there will be a lot of new people to meet and become friends with. I am excited for high school and can’t wait!” 

Obviously, the switch from middle to high school in most cases will lead to a bigger opportunity for interactions. The main high school 8th graders are going to is Cypress Bay High School next door. This school is known for having 5,100 students in its student body. Students will also be interacting with kids from different schools and backgrounds. 

“In a bigger social environment, I’m expecting more public decency and maturity because I’m around people with a bigger age gap” says 8th grade student, Mateo Conde. 

High school offers many new extracurricular activities for students to participate in. Clubs can range from interior design to UNICEF, with plenty of options for students to find what’s right for them. Many students are choosing to participate in after school clubs because of the opportunities some can provide and there’s a club fit for everyone. 

“I am most excited to take book club next year as an extracurricular activity.” says 8th grade student, Rania Isherdianto. “I love to read so this will be a great way to connect with others and discover more books!”