Falcon Cove Stands Up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


HOSA decorates their classroom to support breast cancer.

Gabriela Lowy and Lauren Mila

At Falcon Cove, students, staff, and even clubs are appreciating and spreading awareness for Breast cancer. Over these past couple of weeks, some administrators and workers have been wearing bright pink shirts that were designed by the school to show how they can support Breast cancer awareness month. The designs on these T-shirts say inspirational messages like, “support the fighters”, “admire the survivors”, and “honor the taken,” and we encourage those who have the shirts to wear them every Friday during October.  

Along with T-shirts, Ms. Velez, the HOSA club administrator, has set up her students to start selling pink-ribbon bracelets to help collect money and donate it to the people who are fighting breast cancer.

Journalism staff asked Ms.Velez how are you going to help support breast cancer? Ms. Velez says “we are going to collect funds and donate them to a local charity that supports women, called Caminando con Olga.” Each bracelet itself costs 5$ and can be purchased from a HOSA club member or by Ms. Velez herself in room 264. Bracelets are sold from October 4th to the 15th

HOSA club members Kaan Yapar and Amaia Figueiredo talked about why breast cancer was important to them.

“Breast cancer to me is a very important issue that needs to be addressed and more recognition needs to be shown on it,” Kaan says. “Breast cancer awareness is important because people need to know what it really is and how it affects people,” Amaia states.