Lollipops- Get your Lollipops

Samantha Duarte, The Cove Staff

Lollipops for a good cause!

     Here at Falcon Cove, students participate in multiple fundraisers. Each and every year, the Latinos In Action (LIA) students get the chance to socialize with their peers and sell lollipops to raise money for a worthy cause. Mr. Rodriguez, the LIA teacher, is the man behind it all. He sets up fun fundraisers throughout the year, and the lollipop sale is just one of them.

     Mr. Rodriguez gives one bag of lollipops to each student and they are required to sell them all. The money that is collected will be used to buy  bicycles, which will then be gifted to four different elementary schools. Mr. Rodriguez was asked how the sale as going so far and he said “It’s going very well so far, we should have our goal by the holidays”. Last year the LIA classes collected about $37,000! The lollipops are only .75 cents for one, or two for $1.00. 

     Recently, 15 LIA students were asked how many lollipops they have sold and it came to an average of about 42 sales of lollipops each. One student said, “I’m probably going to sell 8 bags by the holidays because a lot of students are buying and its for a good cause”. Although the fundraiser just started, many lollipops have already been sold. So next time you see one of your LIA peers selling lollipops, support them and buy one!