Falcon Cove Football Teams Are Ready For Their Season!

Kicking Off Athletics at Falcon Cove for the 2020-2021 School Year


Zoe Horwitz

Falcons, get excited! Falcon Cove athletics are getting back into full swing, and your favorite sports will be hitting the fields or courts!


Both girls and boys flag football have started, and the teams are practicing for their first game against Silver Trails Middle School on February 2nd. They have been training to claim victory at their first game and start the season off strong.


“I am feeling both confident and excited for our first game,” says eighth grade linebacker, Eli Collin. “I think we have a good chance of winning because we have practiced for two weeks and we are playing well together.”


Girls head coach Adam Cristo, who is in his third year coaching this team, is doing as much as possible to make sure his girls team will be successful. His practices consist of lots of running, catching, defense, offense, but mostly discipline when running and learning plays.

(See here for interview with Coach Jones, boys flag football coach)


“I think we have a really good team this year,” states Cristo. “Kind of scary with the whole situation of Covid happening, but I feel like this is our season to finally make it to the playoffs. I really want a banner inside our gym.”


Coach Cristo, with the help of his assistant coach Gregory Giancarlo, has been doing an outstanding job getting the girls team ready to play. Valeria Hernandez and Valery Cano are doing a great job blocking for quarterback Isabella Ventura and running back Ruby Lauria.


“[As a second year player] I was excited to come back because I saw all these new players I could help with my experience,” says Ventura. “I’d also like to improve, to be the top of the top.”


Not only is the girls team strong offensively, they also have exceptional defense. Rushers Gabby Ferrer, Chia Galarza, Valentina Collazos, and Andrea Hernandez sprint to sack the quarterback the second they call “Hike!” The rest of the defense, including Paige Arenberg, Zoe Horwitz, Helen Villa, and Hunter Crawford are ready to pull any flag that comes their way. 


“I am very aggressive and determined, which is very helpful on the defense side of football,” states 7th grade linebacker, Paige Arenberg. “I love the feeling of pulling my opponent’s flag.”


The boys team spent their practices working hard on catching, speed, routes, and plays. 7th grade quarterback Zachary Katz has been throwing ball after ball to perfect his throws to the receivers, like wide receiver Eain Hersh, or handing off to running back Alexander Michaelides. Defenders, like Eli Collin, Shane Sullivan, Maddox Peters, and Tyler Fortson, won’t let anyone get by with their flag still on. 


“I like playing receiver because it’s fun, and there are a lot of chances to make plays,” says Hersh. “I think my catching ability is what I am best at. Go Falcons!”


As you can tell, these Falcon teams are ready to kick off the athletics for the 2020-21 school year and triumph during their first game- Tuesday, February 2, at Vista Park. Good luck to both teams! Let’s take home the win!


As much as I love being a teacher, I’ve been a coach my whole life,” says Coach Cristo, who also teaches eighth grade math when not on the sidelines. “I love watching my sixth graders be on the team all three years and get twenty times better than they were when they started.”


Update- due to Covid issues, the first game may no longer be Tuesday, February 2, for the teams. However, they will still perform well at their next scheduled game! Let’s go Falcon!

Coaches for both boys and girls flag football are masked up and ready for games!