Exclusive Interview with Boys Flag Football Coach- Coach Tony Jones


Zoe Horwitz and Jonah Feldman

Q: How are the tryouts being held?

A: We’re going to have them in pods with 20 people per pod, so we’re going to have to split [the players] into groups. If we had 40 kids, we are going to have 20 people at a time. It’s going to be different, a little more difficult than what we’re used to, but we’ll get through it.


Q: What are you doing as the coach to be preparing for tryouts?

A:We are doing forehead scans, cleaning the balls, making sure everything is sanitary, and trying to keep everybody as separated as possible to comply by the CDC rules.


Q: Is the team going to be smaller than it was in the past years?

A: Typically it’s going to be the same size- we normally carry about fifteen players, this year we’ll probably carry fourteen, so it’s going to be about the same size.


Q:What is your goal for this season?

A: To win the county championship, that’s the goal every year!


Q: Why do you enjoy coaching?

A:I love the sport, I played it growing up, and being able to give back to the students what I learned, to give it back to the ones that are growing up so they can have the same type of love that I had.


Interview courtesy of Jonah Feldman