Peace Week

Peace Week

Students from all across Falcon Cove, celebrated Peer Counseling’s Peace Week. To spread peace and kindness throughout the school some made peace cards, chalk drawings on their lawns, and much more!

Not only did students take part in Peer Counseling’s Peace Week, some took part in Broward Counties Peace Week. On September 21, 2020, Broward County had students wear white. Wearing white was shown as a sign of peace across the county.

“I think it was important to wear white because your showing that you will contribute to spreading peace, so everyone can spread peace around the world. Spreading peace is good so that everyone knows that they are equal, and should be treated the same. This shows treating people the way you would want them to treat you,” said Chloe Blum.

Some of the students who celebrated Peace Week made posters. Certain ones had drawings, and others had quotes or sayings to show peace.

“It’s important to draw these signs, so people will see the message, and understand the importance of it,” said Brady Shea, one of the peer counselors who took part in drawing these posters.

All of the students who took part in Peer Counseling’s Peace Week had a great time, and enjoyed spreading kindness across their peers.