Home Ec Creations


Students working on the All About Me Banners.

Tali Bejar and Lana Alsati

In Home Economics (Home Ec) this year, students have many exciting activities to accomplish. Sixth and seventh graders are excited to see what their imagination can create today. Students will be learning to sew, cook, use household items, and use their imagination to create things on their own. 

 Throughout the year, students will make things like cookies, omelets, pillows and much more. This week they will be finishing sewing and starting to learn about cooking. 

“We will do some holiday activities over the next quarter, hopefully we will do some holiday baking.” Says Home Ec teacher Patricia Brignola “Next semester we will focus on healthy eating and nutrition.”  

Students have been making pillows, banners that says all about themselves, and pin cushions to hold their sewing needles.   

“I really like Home Ec, I’m working on my pin cushion.” says Paula Cammisi. “My favorite activity so far has been the Me Banners. I would definitely take Home Ec again.”  

Soon, they will start learning about nutrition and healthy eating. They will also learn to make meals and cook for themselves, alongside students will learn what different kitchen terms and appliances are and how to use them.   

“I’m so excited to start cooking in Home Ec.” Says seventh grader, Martina Digiuseppe “So far it’s a really fun class. I’m also exited to learn about nutrition and how to stay healthy.”  

Their first sewing activity was making crochet pillows from scratch, they could choose the color of their fabric and how much stuffing was in it.  

“Home Ec is really fun. I am working on the needle holder.” Says sixth grader Lisa Arrazola “My favorite activity has been the pillows. And I would take Home Ec again.”