Tutoring at FCMS


Peer tutors helping FCMS students.

Mia Grauer and Sophia Paduano

Falcon Cove Peer counselors help their fellow students who need assistance with core classes. They take students to The Nest to gain focus. From there, they guide them on homework, lessons, and studying for any upcoming tests. This really is a fantastic way to help out FCMS students.  

Students and peer tutors think of tutoring in a positive way. Peer tutors are an amazing resource to everyone when in need of assistance.  

 “Tutoring is helpful because it helps me with math and makes me feel more comfortable and confident.” Says 7th grader Cristiano Latini. “I feel really helped by the tutors and it’s very fun.”

 The feeling of these students gaining confidence is exactly what is wanted at The Cove. These students are grateful to have great assistance in any subject.  

  “It feels good to help people out and makes them feel more comfortable when they come to school.”  Mentions Tutor and Peer counselor Jacey Stoll. “When the people I tutor end up improving in classes it feels amazing to be able to help others succeed in school!”

 Students can feel more relieved and prepared when getting tutored for any upcoming tests. They can come to school having no stress on their mind and are all set for their day.  

 “It feels wonderful to observe the difference my students are making.” Highlights Peer Counseling teacher Christine Harvey. “Especially when students tutoring tell them about the improvements that they are seeing in their classes.”