What Falcon Cove’s National Junior Honor Society Has Been Up To


Zoe Horwitz

Falcon Cove’s National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) worked hard to accomplish goals and make others smile during the Valentine’s Day season! In the past few months, they were able to elect officers, hold a fundraiser, and make Valentine’s Day cards for children in the hospital.


The merited students of the society have been doing as much as possible to finish as many tasks as they can given the reduced amount of time, since the induction ceremony was pushed back due to Covid-19. However, this isn’t stopping the determined students to provide for their community.


“The top goals of NJHS this year were to support a hospital in order to show our love for all that they were doing during a pandemic,” says NJHS advisor, Stella Stringer. “We wanted to give lunches and supplies to the healthcare workers, patients and parents. We were able to do just that with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital!”


The first mission for this club was to elect officers and co-chairs for the committees within the general NJHS. After a tough election and many great speeches, people were crowned their titles. The president is Ashlyn Gao, vice president is Advika Verma, the treasurer is Roshini Shivakumar, the secretary is Emily Wang, and historians are Drew Bank and Hansita Penikalapati.


“Ever since I heard of this organization, I wanted to run for NJHS president,” says Ashlyn Gao, president. “It’s a great opportunity to give back to the community and it will help develop my leadership skills. I knew that a lot of responsibility would be put on my shoulders, but I was up for the challenge.”


Next up on the NJHS agenda was to kick off the Domino’s pizza card fundraiser, where all proceeds go to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. Every member was required to sell ten dollar Domino’s pizza cards, in which the purchaser receives buy one get one pizzas whenever they order from Domino’s. To see the amazing fundraising video made by NJHS historian Drew Bank that really tugs on your heartstrings, click here.


“The goal for this video was to get people to feel a sense of urgency to help save these sick children,” says Drew. “I feel that with 800 views and $6,850 raised that we accomplished this goal, and we are proud of this amazing accomplishment!”


The pizza card fundraiser raised about $6,850 to give back to the local children’s hospital. While it was asked that each member sell twelve cards, some NJHS members went above and beyond to sell more. The top seller for week one was Amanda Margulies, with 69 total cards sold! 


“To sell so many cards, I reached out to anyone and everyone,” states Amanda. “I think giving back to the community is important to benefit others, and it’s always good to brighten someone’s day.”


Not only is the club selling pizza cards to raise money for the children’s hospital, they also made Valentine’s Day cards for them. The cards were made in hopes to bring some smiles and comfort, and to remind the kids to stay strong.


“I love to see the excitement on our students’ faces when they are helping other people,” says Alison London, NJHS advisor. “We are extremely lucky in so many different ways, it’s important to help others try to achieve happiness however we can!”


As you can see, the Society has accomplished an impressive amount in the short time they’ve had so far. Keep up the great work! Next up, an art supply drive.


“The students in NJHS are passionate and kind who demonstrate outstanding character,” states advisor Stella Stringer. “They are committed to giving back to their community during a pandemic which speaks louder than words!”