Best Buddies Valentine’s Day Event


Best buddies members shwoing their amazing arts and crafts.

On February 11, 2020 Best Buddies celebrated Valentine’s Day! Everyone enjoyed spending time with their favorite friends!


The peer counselors helped the buddies make festive arts and crafts. There were hippo, bear, zebra, and lion arts and crafts. Each one had hearts and special messages to decorate them with. 


“I loved the arts and crafts. I made zebra arts and crafts. I helped Isabel make one too,” Mara Lustig stated.


Like any other event, delicious food was served. Heart lollipops and pink frosted cookies were the biggest hit! 


“I love going to meetings in the morning and spending time with buddies. This event was filled with love,” Ella Meek stated.


Angelina Clark and Ana Maria Trivino making animal arts and crafts.
Best Buddies members eating food decorated for Valentine’s Day.