Disney Y.E.S. Gifted Trip


Eighth grade students learning their gravity lesson, by watching a online presentation

Gifted Classes’ Trip to Disney

Falcon Cove takes on multiple field trips every year, one of which is the trip to Disney. This year, the gifted trip took place on December 5th and 6th. All grades got the chance to go on the trip, and each grade got to learn about something different. Sixth grade went to Epcot, seventh graders went to the Animal Kingdom, and eighth-graders went to Hollywood Studios. 

On the first day, all grades enjoyed their time at the Magic Kingdom. To start off, the sixth graders learned all about the global perspective and how to be a good citizen. Along with that, they learned about all of the different countries and cultures featured at Epcot. 

The sixth graders spoke to people from other countries and learned about their cultures. The students also learned about cultural differences.

While the seventh graders were at the Animal Kingdom, they learned a lesson about sustainable living. They learned how to fix a problem in the community, by working together. The gifted students explored challenges in communities while trying not to damage the ecosystem.

At Hollywood Studios, gifted eight graders learned about gravity. They learned the science behind the Tower of Terror and the Rock and Roller Coaster. The students used models of ramps and roller coasters to show potential and kinetic energy.

In the end, all the students had the opportunity to have fun at the parks, and they were overjoyed with the amount of fun they had. “The Disney trip was the most fun I ever had on a school field trip,” Amanda Braxton stated.

Sixth-grade students in their global perspective lesson


Seventh students using an interactive model to represent their sustainable living lesson.