Red Ribbon Week


Are you drug free? This October 23 through 31 was Red Ribbon Week. During the week, students and staff participated to show their support in being drug free. Every year, Falcon Cove picks one week of October to spread the message that drugs are not okay. 

This year to show support, many people signed a banner pledging to be drug free. Not only did people pledge to be drug free, but many people showed their support in the way they dressed. People went from being a superhero on the first Wednesday to being their favorite book character on the second Thursday.

Throughout the week there were many people participating in the many different “spirit days.” William Wooten, a 6th grader, wore neon from his head to his toes and Marianna Jimenez, an 8th grader, wore one of her favorite pairs of sunglasses. Our very own 8th grade assistant principal, Dr. Saddler, even participated. For insistence Dr. Saddler wore his Cleveland Browns jersey for “team up against drugs” day.

On the day of Halloween, the students and staff dressed up to “say boo to drugs.” There was a costume competition and this year Ms. Jessica, the 7th grade Cambridge Science teacher and the HOSA teacher, won the best costume award for the staff. She was Mrs. Frizzle, the teacher from the Magic School Bus. Not only did Velez do the Halloween competition, she also dressed up for the rest of the week.“I believe people should participate to set an example. Kids should not do drugs and teachers should be educating students about the dangers of doing drugs,” said Velez. 

Some kids had similar ideas to what Mrs. Velez had. Joshua Friend, an 8th grader, said that people should participate in Red Ribbon Week because drugs should not be used in school, or really anywhere. 

Eighth Grader, Sofia Uribe said, “I participated because I believe drugs are really bad for people, and they influence people in a bad way.” 


Dr. Saddler supports Red Ribbon Week by wearing his team jersey.
Mrs. Velez not only won the costume competition, but she spread the message, “say boo to drugs.”
William Wooten (6th) wears neon so that he can be “too bright for drugs.”
Marianna Jimenez (8th) wears sunglasses to “shade out drugs.”