Bike Safety Here at the Cove


Students getting ready to ride their bikes, some wearing helmets some not.

Are You Wearing Your Helmet?

About 140 students each day ride their bikes to school and back. That is at least ten percent of the student population at Falcon Cove. With freedom and independence, comes with responsibility. 


Mr. Carruth, our principal, explains the school bike rules, “Students need to come in from Bonaventure Boulevard and enter the school through the walking path.” This helps our school, keep all students protected by entering on one path. Mr.Carruth said, “I encourage students to wear a helmet. My biggest fears are the cars.” 


Because drivers can get distracted, students have to be aware of their surroundings and wearing a helmet is a great precaution. Mr.Carruth trusts the students at our school to make the right choices


There is a danger of riding your bike, but if you are wearing a helmet you can stay secure. Deputy Brand said, “If you are under 16 years old, you have to wear a helmet while on a bike.” 


 Deputy Brand is able to give out a $15 citation to anyone not wearing a helmet, after a warning. He worries about buses or cars hitting bike riders, and an even worse injury by not wearing a helmet.


 Deputy Brand said, “I would let my kids ride their bikes to school, with a helmet on always.” All you need to know is the basic rules and make smart choices. The deputy suggest you buy a lock for your bike to keep it protected.  


Maria Lafarga, a seventh grader who rides her bike every day to school, always wears a helmet to stay safe. “I like biking to school because I get to have a good social time with my friends.” 


Mr. Carruth checking everyone’s bike to make sure they are all locked.
Maria Lafarga riding her bike with a helmet on to stay safe.