Falcon Cove’s Harvest Drive

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with Thanksgiving came the Harvest Drive. The Harvest Drive is to help feed needy families. Collections started on October 1st and went until November 1. 

The Harvest Drive is an annual event hosted by Harvest Drive Florida every November. Schools are asked to collect goods and distribute to the families. Weston public schools help 200 local needy families. The items collected are canned goods, toiletries, paper products, pasta, soaps. Falcon Cove collected canned tuna this year. The school’s goal was 1,050 cans of tuna.

“I think that the Harvest Drive is a benefit to helping unfortunate families” Student Council board member Mara Lustig said. “It also helps students at Falcon Cove to realize the struggles other families are going through in the world. It also gives a chance for students to make an impact in the world and spread kindness.” 

Cypress Bay High School also participated in the Harvest Drive.. They organized the drop-off and disbursements for Falcon Cove and Cypress Bay. 

Student Council and National Junior Honor Society also supported the Harvest Drive, and NJHS created a Harvest Drive Committee. 

“As co-chair, I motivate the club members to collect more cans and keep track of how many were donated,” said Samhita Kashyap co-chair of NJHS’s Harvest Drive Committee, “I think the harvest drive really thoughtful. When we have Thanksgiving feasts and parties, we barely think and appreciate what we have. But with the Harvest Drive, we are thinking, appreciating, and giving to those in our community who need it.” 

Even though helping others is its own reward, there are some other incentives to get people fired up about helping. The second period who collected the most money won a pizza party, and whichever period collected the most tuna cans for the drive got a doughnut party. The money went to buying Publix gift cards for the families along with the food.

NJHS member Ella Bond said, “Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and the people on the receiving end of the collection will definitely be giving thanks to these generous donations.”

Tuna cans, tuna cans, and more tuna cans!
Many donated to the Harvest Drive.
Samhita Kashyap is co-chair of the NJHS Harvest Drive committee along with Riya Desai.