CREAM Cookies Are Here!


Snickerdoodle, the most common buy/CREAMfetti, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and butter-sugar comprise the fantastic flavors of the CREAM cookies that the debate class students are selling for $1 every Thursday morning. The sale started Thursday, Sept. 26 and will run until the beginning of May. The cookies are sold in Room 137, the robotics room.

 The money raised from selling these cookies helps with the cost of sending participating students to the National Speech and Debate Tournament which will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in June 2020. 

Debate student Riya Desai said, “If you preorder a cookie or cookies in room 207, then you are certain to get the cookies of your choice. You could get them during the day in Ms. Dailey’s room, have them delivered to your 4th period, or wait in a separate line when we sell them in the morning. If you don’t preorder, there is a chance that we could have sold out the type of cookie you want.”

Every now and then, there will be a specialty sale of new cookie flavors that are not CREAM cookies. The ‘special’ flavors served are M&M, Chocolate Chip, Sugar, and Sprinkles. Each of these are sold for $1. There’s also a Black & White cookie-cake that will be sold in two sizes: $1 for two small, and $2 for one large.

“I like selling cookies because it’s fun seeing all the kids’ faces when they get their cookie and the selling gives us all some responsibility because we can’t get distracted and have to remain focused.” 8th grader Nishi Desai explained.

Nishi Desai sells a cookie to Gauri Manjunath.


A delicious butter sugar cookie!
Alejandra Camejo sells cookies to all the eager students.