Film Classes At The Cove


These three film 1 students are working on their 30 shots.

Alexa Murguia and Minha Syed

Film 1 and 2 are about learning editing skills and photograph to improve students’ film making abilities. Students also experience watching movies to learn visually about film shots, original films, etc. They explore around campus making their own productions, this week kids in film 1 are making their 30 shots. 

 Students at The Cove explore diverse ways to produce movies and skits. In Film 1 you are introduced to the basics like shots, how to take photos, and learning about Adobe Premiere. 

“I took Film 1 because I like working on films, taking shots, and being creative. Messing around with camera angles and using tripods” Says Film 1 student Bianca Barletti.  

 In Film 2 students learn more advanced things such as more advanced Adobe Premiere, watching movies with many distinct types of shots, and producing new projects.  

“I really like editing all the shots and I really enjoy doing all the shots and projects for this class. I love watching movies and feeling like i’m in a movie theater. I also enjoy going outside and exploring the school.” says Film 2 student Reagan Gibson. 

Film 1 and 2 focus on different abilities to make their own projects. Different softwares and apps to improve knowledge on editing. Film 1 and 2 teachers Mr. Hengge and Schrager care about helping students learn and enlargen their capabitliy.

“I like the idea of creating my own videos and doing that seems fun and exciting.” Says  Film 2 student Pedro Hernandez.   

Film 1 is a fantastic way for students and teachers to express themselves creatively. The Film 1 and 2 teachers enjoy the class just as much as the students. 

 “I like working with kids in creating film scenes and the creativity of middle school students.” Says Film 1 teacher Theresa Schrager. “Being able to watch their gratification to be able to go from nothing to being able to create film projects and more.” 

Film classes at The Cove is a common and popular elective for 7th and 8th graders. This class revolves around becoming young editors and producers. If this profession is something you are interested in, this is a great opportunity to grow in this area.