Coding at The Cove


Presenting coding projects!

Isabella Blanco and Shannah Sanchez

Coding is a fun, hard-working, and interactive, elective class. But, Coding isn’t just a class, it is also a club. It is called Girls who code.  For the past 2 months and a half, they have worked hard to succeed, from moving sprites, and moving variables, students love the experience.

The coding students work, to get projects, assignments ,and other presentations finished. Even though Covid-19  has limited contact and meet-ups, students in the club and class still manage to get things done, and have fun. The Teacher, Ms. Freeman, is very supportive and loved by students as well.

“Girls who code is open for anyone, it happens every other Wednesday and they are accepting new people, it is a really nice experience,” says club member, Sofia Moreau. “Ms. Freeman is also very supportive, she’s a major role in the coding community.”

In coding, they learn how to move sprites, move variables, and how to move shapes, sizes, and color on In the beginning of class, the teacher teaches the kids a new lesson on Coding. Then, they get paired up with someone they have never met before, and work on a project based on what they were taught. In the end, they show the class what they have done. Ms. Freeman enjoys teaching the class, she feels that its amazing what students can do.

“In Coding we learn how to create some nice codes, how to move sprites, we start conversations, and we present in class.” states coding member, Laila Marcellus. “As soon as you start, you begin to get a hang of it.” from Coding member, Kayla Rivers. “When I was first asked to teach coding, I was nervous because I knew nothing about it, once I knew how, now that I’m here I love it, because when I assign to my students, they always go above and beyond.” says Coding teacher/girls who code leader, Ms. Freeman.