World Languages at the Cove

Mrs. Martinezs Spanish 1 students being introduced to the language.

Mrs. Martinez’s Spanish 1 students being introduced to the language.

Jenna Tanner and Izabella Carrasco

Students taking language classes are here and ready to speak! At the cove, students are given the opportunity to learn multiple worldwide languages. Learners are prepared to share how they communicate in different ways. Language classes here at Falcon Cove include Spanish, Spanish Speakers, Chinese, French, and many more! Students do projects and learning activities in these classes to help them learn the language.

“I think it’s a super entertaining class and involves interesting topics that help me get a stronger understand of this language and its culture,” says French student Diego Mayo Mariscal.

French is an interesting language that students enjoy learning.

“French is a fun class. It may be a bit challenging, but that’s just what motivates me to learn more. The satisfaction of being able to understand the vocabulary and rules makes me want to continue learning.” Says french student Stella Huang. “Even though it might be a bit embarrassing to speak, it’s truly what makes the experience worth it.”

Students are taking languages to learn more about how other people communicate.

Student Mathis Avar explains “I was born in a Spanish household, and I really like the language and I want to speak it better. I like that we get to partner up and study together, and it’s fun to learn from espaƱa. We are practicing sustantivos, pronombres, morfema, exemas and mono silabas.”

Not only does Falcon Cove offer the ability for students to learn new languages, but along with the knowledge comes high school credit!

“I’m taking Spanish 1 to improve my speaking and for high school credit. I like the teacher and how she is very kind and how she teaches me Spanish very well. We are learning pronouns and forms of the verb “ser,” says Spanish 1 student Isabella Bolado who is working hard to learn the language.

Students taking a language course are going to have to put work into learning their language. We wish the best to all of our language learners!