Preparation for the Championships


FCMS golf team!

Ricardo Sucre and Sarah Porras

The Falcon Cove Golf teams will have County Championship tournaments on October 18th and 25th at Coral Springs Country Club that will start at 9 A.M. 

The golf teams are split between the boy’s team (Coach Dave Roca)and the girl’s (Coach Beverly Copeland). The teams while being from the same school are almost complete opposites. 

The boy’s golf team is formed by 4 returning players and two new players, while the girls only have two 7th graders, and the rest are 6th graders. Although the Boy’s team is made up of mainly returning players, the two new additions Henry Pratt and Juan Lazo, have been performing amazingly for the team.

“It’s been fun, but at some moments, I feel like I have to really perform for my team”. Says Henry Pratt. Henry is also the only 6th grader on the team.  

The Girl’s team has had to start the season late because of the rain, so they have had to start the season late. When asked about how she felt about this, Copeland added, “The season started late because of rain so we haven’t been able to practice together, but they have been able to spend time with their parents, so that’s great”.  

Both coaches are extremely confident that they are not only able to win, but they are also sure they will win. Roca is so confident he stated, “We feel amazing, we are going to win, we have the best players in the county.”