Peace Week at the Cove


Peer Counseling students chalking for peace!

Josh Stoll

Students here at Falcon Cove celebrated Broward County’s Peace Week this past week. The intentions of Peace Week are to spread peace and kindness around school.  

Students also took part in Falcon Cove Peer Counseling’s Peace week. Peer counselors did many activities to celebrate Peace Week and to bring peace and kindness all around school. Peer counselors made peace messages and drawings with chalk, decorated Starbucks Coffee sleeves with peace messages, and more!  

“On Monday and Tuesday, we decorated Starbucks sleeves and I will be delivering them to the Starbucks in Weston Town Center. Wednesday and Thursday we are chalking for peace outside to spread inspirational messages, kindness, and peace outside to spread inspirational messages, kindness, and peace throughout the school community.” Says Peer Counseling teacher Christine Harvey “Friday, we will have a peace tree by the administration office where everyone has a chance to write their wish peace. They will be sent to the peace tower in Iceland.”   


Falcon Cove Art students made pinwheels for peace, and they were set up around campus and outside the front of the school. Students made these to spread peace. They also could design them however they wanted, and most students decided to personalize them to embrace themselves.  


“On my pinwheel for peace, I put a progress a pride flag, a woman’s rights symbol, a BLM flag, and a Colombian flag.” Says student Valentina Lopez. “I put these because I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community, The woman’s rights are for how women are not respected as much as they should be. I believe that black people should be treated respectfully, so I put the BLM flag. I am Colombian myself and I think that everyone from all countries should be equal.”  


All students at Falcon Cove could take part in peace week by wearing fun daily clothing dress-ups! Monday was to wear 70s clothes or tie-dye, Tuesday was wearing the color white, Wednesday was wearing any team attire, Thursday was superhero day, and Friday was an inspirational shirt. Students also could have written peace wishes and put them on the peace tree.  

“The peace tree was a great way to spread peace around school.” Says student Paige Arenberg. “When everyone was dressing up for peace week it was really cool to see the overall school spirit.