Popular Clothing at Falcon Cove Middle School


Sarah Devine and Zoe Horwitz

Students at Falcon Cove love to dress up and create cool outfits to wear to school. With many different colors and styles, fashion is a way for students to express themselves and their creativity.

There is a wide variety of clothing brands that students choose to wear to school each day. Common clothing articles include sweatpants, sweatshorts, boy’s basketball shorts, jeans, leggings, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. 

“I love watching people’s cool outfits in the hallway, it’s fun to see what outfit they’ll wear next,” says 8th grader Giulia Gigliobianco. “The most popular brands are Brandy Melville, Hollister, Urban Outfitters and Shein.” 

Falcon Cove fashionistas play around with different tops and bottoms to find two pieces that match nicely together. Others like the casual outfits of leggings and a sweatshirt, or athletic clothing. 

“My favorite outfit to wear to school is a hoodie and shorts,” says 8th grader Ethan Simon. “It’s comfortable and not too hot.”

As new trends rise, we see new fashion at the Cove. One popular trend right now is wearing mom jeans, which are looser-fitting jeans that typically have rips in them. Some students choose to wear fishnet leggings underneath them for an interesting look. Others play around with different tops and bottoms to find a good fit

[To choose my outfit for the day], I just alternate between my pants and find a shirt that matches best,” says Giulia Gigliobianco. “Sometimes I’ll choose a jacket too.” 

Although students want to dress nicely during school, they also want to be comfortable. Since about seven hours of their day is spent at school, comfort plays a huge role in outfits students wear.

“I wear what makes me comfortable,” says 8th grader Leonie Fleure. “I [usually] go with leggings and a T-shirt, but sometimes I wear jeans also.” 

Everybody has their own styles, and it’s amazing to see them all in one place at school. Some students go above and beyond and wear colorful clothes. Many past fashion trends have come up again, and the most popular ones are clothes from the 90’s, 70’s and 00’s. 

“I see lots of distinctive styles like alternative, basic, model off duty, 90’s and more,“ states Leonie Fleure. “It’s interesting when I see people wearing out of the ordinary clothes because it’s something you normally wouldn’t see at school.”

Fashion at the Cove will keep changing as trends come and go. Seasons also influence fashion. As summer comes, tank tops will become more popular, and when winter rolls around, jackets and sweatshirts will become the latest fashion. 

“Summer is my favorite season because it’s hot so I can wear shorts and tank tops,” says 7th grader Paige Arenberg. “I also like summer because I can wear bikinis with my friends.”