Falcon Cove GEM Program

Falcon Cove GEM Program

Angela Canini

There are many different classes to choose from at Falcon Cove, all to fit your individual pace. Even while facing the harsh and difficult consequences of the pandemic, each class prepares you for your finals, and for the following school year. Most specifically, both teachers and students in the GEM program have been working hard to finish the year strong.

Great Exploration in Mathematics (GEM) is an advanced math program designed for fast-track students, accelerating two years of mathematics. Sixth grade GEM students are required to take a midterm and a final exam, meanwhile in the following two years of seventh and eighth grade, students are required to take a district midterm and a State-End-of-Course Exam (EOC)

“I love [the GEM program],” says eighth grader Sophia Gold, who has been in the GEM program since sixth grade. “It’s the right pace for me and I get to finish math in high school a little earlier. I also love the teachers.”

The GEM program allows students to reach the highest levels of mathematics in high school. Students in regular math classes take Pre-Algebra through sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, and those in advanced math classes take Pre-Algebra in sixth and seventh grade, and take Algebra 1 Honors in eighth grade. Students in the GEM program, however, take Pre-Algebra in sixth grade, Algebra 1 Honors in seventh grade, and Geometry Honors in eighth grade. This allows for students to be able to take AP Calculus and AP Statistics in high school.

When asked which year of the GEM program was the hardest, Sophia Gold answered with, “Personally, sixth grade because I was still adjusting to the workload and felt overwhelmed sometimes.” Eighth grader Saad Raja, however, said that the hardest year for them was seventh grade.

To get into the program, students must have a Mathematics score of 346 or higher and a reading score of 336 or higher on their fifth grade FSA in order to qualify. Fifth grade teachers can also recommend students into the program.

“GEM is a great class if you know you can stay on top of your work and perform well. If you want to get ahead in math, but don’t want to go as far as EMF, then GEM might be a good program to join,” says Sophia Gold.


Photo credit- FCRSD