Year In Review


The 2020-2021 school year started off differently than most, after the last school year was rapidly changed into one of virtual learning. The way school was experienced changed for many students once they were allowed to attend school physically once again. 

With so many students, both physically and virtually, Falcon Cove worked hard to provide students with an experience they’ll never forget. With optional eLearning and available resources for everyone, this year has come to a successful end. But do students agree with this? How did they feel about the school year and was virtual learning a good idea?

Eighth grader Charif el Churafa said he didn’t agree with the way teachers were teaching this year because, “People at home were doing different things than what they were supposed to do.” Similarly, 7th grader Maximiliano Gonzalez agreed. “I liked it at first, but then I hated it because I wasn’t with my friends.”

Students’ collaboration to make this school year work was crucial to its success, but the pressure was on the teachers. Their usual lesson plans had to change to fit the virtual classroom, and follow Covid guidelines. They worked hard to ensure their students would efficiently learn the subject they were being taught. 

“We did a lot of breakout rooms to engage the students,” says 6th grade language arts teacher, Mrs. Margarete Hernández.  [To get students to participate, they had to be] responsible for their own work and present their work in class.”

Many would agree that this school year was unusual and challenging in many different ways. Usually, students would be able to look back and remember tons of events that they participated in and all the things they did during school, but now, many students look back and see only a few things that they really regret or take pride in accomplishing. 

“I thought this year was the best it could be despite the circumstances,” says 8th grader Lisa Tessel. “I had a great time in eighth grade and I’m looking forward to ninth.”


Photo credit- Mounds Public Schools