Falcon Cove Peer Counseling

Falcon Cove Peer Counseling

Amanda Margulies

The years 2020-2021 have been full of many surprises, especially relating to school. Classes have been affected by these strange events, but one class has had to change many of their plans and activities- peer counseling. Peer counseling is a class where students help other teachers and students around the school. Whether it be tutoring, decorating, or just helping, peer counselors are always there to help. 


Although these past 2 years have been hard for these peer counselors to deal with, Mrs. Christine Harvey, peer counseling teacher, was great at implementing new, fun and creative assignments for them to complete. 


“We had to find new ways to assist students and teachers at Falcon Cove this year. Peer Counselors were able to tutor students through Teams and assist teachers in their classes by monitoring their chats,” states Mrs. Christine Harvey. “Peer Counselors also created many documents, digital seating charts, writable PDFS and filled various staff requests.”


Half E-learning and half in person school has made certain projects hard to complete between students. However, many assignments created a mutual bond between many students and helped bring them and the community together. The children’s book assignment was one of many students’ favorite assignments all year! The instructions of this assignment was to read a book out loud, and submit a video of them reading it. From there, it would be shown to other students to bring joy to their day.


 “I remember someone reading books to me when I was younger, and I loved it,” says 7th grade peer counselor Josh Stoll, who was one of the proud students to take part in this project. “This project was meaningful because I know that I was able to spread joy around my community and I knew that they would love this book.”


Although some students had one specific assignment that they enjoyed, many students couldn’t choose which was their favorite. There were so many assignments and opportunities given to them this year! 


“Some of my favorite assignments were the times I could help the 6th grade center, and the gratitude assignment,” 8th grade peer counselor Nathaly Baumgartner said. 


Peer Counseling teacher, Mrs. Harvey