Technology Used to Connect Classrooms

Various websites are used to connect students when learning


Students at Falcon Cove Middle School accessing websites for their schoolwork, socially distanced

Zoe Horwitz, Newspaper/Writing Editor

Students are using technology more than ever at Falcon Cove in order to enrich their learning experience– in person or online. Technology has become an important part of daily school life, especially with online learning through Microsoft Teams. 

 In the 2020-21 school year, students are benefiting from getting to use these learning resources they couldn’t access with paper and pencil. There are various websites online to use that can help with schoolwork 

“Technology helps me with grades, studying, and all types of things,” says eighth grader Hannah Birke, “The websites meant for learning are very useful. 

Canvas is one the many websites that helps students and teachers with their daily assignments. When you log on to Canvas, it shows you a dashboard with all your classes, and there is also a list view to see your upcoming projects. It also allows students to message their teachers with questions, especially since online learners cannot ask them in person. 

“I use Canvas every day,” says Erica Wiltgen, a science teacher at Falcon Cove. “I like how it’s one stop shopping, meaning it’s one website that can lead to many more websites and you can communicate with students through it.” 

Pinnacle is another vital website that students check multiple times a day. Pinnacle shows your current grades, so you can check at home how you’re doing in all your classes and any upcoming schoolwork.  

“Pinnacle is useful because we can check our grades for homework, tests, and so much more,” spills Chloe Brown, an eighth grader. “I like knowing my grades immediately as opposed to having to wait until next class.” 

One site that has become extremely relevant during this school year is Microsoft Teams. E-learners have the ability to log on to their classes through Teams at the safety of their home. With many useful features, like breakout rooms and a chat with many silly faces, Teams has allowed teachers to successfully leach virtually throughout the school year. 

“I like how can Microsoft teams has many backgrounds that are unique to each and every person,” states 8th grader Amanda Margulies. “I like how it has allowed me to easily participate in school from home.” 

Kahoot is a fun website where students can review what they’re learning by playing a trivia game. In the game, a question shows up on the screen and you answer it by clicking on the answer you think is correct. You get points if you get the questions correct, and bonus points for speed.  

“It is a fun way to learn and study for tests or quizzes.” states Eva Oklin. Harvey Lipshutz, a gifted civics teacher, agrees. “Kahoot reinforces what we’re learning in a fun way,” he claims.  

Clearly, these amazing websites are very useful and are a great way to connect students in classrooms. Teachers and students enjoy this technological advance and use it to their advantage. 

“It would be harder to manage my homework, assignments, and tests without useful websites,” Nathaly Baumgartner explains. “I don’t know what I would do without them.”