FCMS Athletes Are Practicing At Home


8th grader Ana Mayo serves the volleyball to start the match on last year’s volleyball team.

Zoe Horwitz

With hundreds of sports existing in the world, many people can find a passion for at least one of them. Here at Falcon Cove, an adequate amount of students participate in sports they love to play, varying from soccer to cheerleading.


Falcon Cove athletes are working harder than ever to stay in shape for their sport. Students are working out at their homes or nearby fields so they are ready to play. 


“I’ve been working hard at home on throwing my layout,” says 8th grader Chloe Brown, who is a competitive cheerleader. “I want to be ready for my competitions.”


Eighth grader Ana Mayo is a great volleyball player who contributed her skills to the Falcon Cove volleyball team last year, before Covid-19 hit. She also plays with her club, Wildfire and Edge Performance. She has been training at the Wildfire facilities and at the beach.


“While staying at home, my workout has been changed  because now I have to wear masks inside if I’m working out with someone else,” says Mayo. 


Sixth grader Jano Kotsias Welschen is a soccer player. He plays for Weston Select and was hoping to play for the Falcon soccer team this year. 


“My workout has changed because now I run and do pull-ups,” says Kotsias Welschen. “To stay motivated, I think of the job opportunities I can get if I keep doing it.”


Paige Arenberg is another Falcon athlete who has been working at home. Paige was on the Falcon Cove flag football team both years she has been at Falcon Cove, and she plays tennis outside of school at Midtown. 


“Playing tennis always makes me feel free,” says Arenberg. “I love the game, and the skills I learn help me during the flag football season.”


We have some amazing talent and hard workers in the sports department here at Falcon Cove. Keep striving for your goals!


“My goal for this season is to hit more shots,” says Alejandro Lorenzo, a basketball player. “I want to be able to dribble better and get past people.”

Chloe Brown practices her back walkover in the sun, socially distanced from others.