A Lovely Run In Solitude!


Shaivi Jhaveri

Running is a safe haven for your thoughts. A place where no one can judge you, and there are no distractions. You can choose the path you want to run and find a pace you’re comfortable at. It’s the perfect activity to do in quarantine because you don’t need other people, and doesn’t require any equipment!

Off with the wind! 7th grader Diego Mayo goes for his daily run to clear his mind. “My favorite part of running is how it helps you isolate yourself and forget the stress from school,” Diego says, “I run to keep my mind and body healthy!”

[email protected] Shaivi Jhaveri, 7th grader is on a run at 6 am. Since she was a small child she has always been fast on her feet, and interested in running. “I enjoy running because its something you can do all by yourself.” Shaivi says, “When I run I feel free and light. My favorite part of running is the wind rushing across my face.”