Basketball Playoffs!


This year our Falcon Cove basketball teams have played extremely hard at each and every single one of their games, but unfortunately the season has come to an end. Both the boys and girls teams made it to the playoffs which took place November 18. Up until this point our Falcons were undefeated, but sadly once our Falcons made it to the playoffs they both lost their games. The players were beyond disappointed that they would not be able to progress in the playoffs. 

Player Jordan Pierre said “Even though we didn’t win the playoffs I am still so proud of our teams hard work and dedication.”  Although the season is over students and staff couldn’t be more proud of how hard our teams worked to even make it to the playoffs. Obviously our teams are devastated, but they won’t let this stop them from working even harder in the future. 

Even though the season is over for our Falcons being on the teams is a learning experience for everyone on the teams and it’s something no players will ever forget!

Caleb Krivitzkin shooting a basketball to make a point!
Jordan Pierre defending the ball from the other team.
Peyton Looky playing hard on the court!