Hard work, Dedication, and Teamwork: Boys Basketball Team Wins Championships!


Shaivi Jhaveri, FCMS Journalism Editor

#34 Lorenzo Lopez helps out fellow teammate Ben Gula

On the Friday night of December 10th, 2021, the boys basketball team marked their name in Falcon Cove’s history with their victory at the County Championships! The boys played a spectacular game against the Sunrise Middle School basketball team, with the final, winning score being 40-18.

The game night began on a good note, with Coach Q and Coach Jones lifting the team spirit with some last minute advice and a brief, but encouraging, pep talk. The boys started to warm up, and get ready to play. And, the moment that everyone has been patiently awaiting, arrives. Game on. 

Coach Jones giving advice to the team.

Immediately, we see the boys measuring up their opponent, their rival team members. Swift movements, teamwork, and sportsmanship are demonstrated from the get-go. Viewers of the game could clearly see the compatibility between our players, and this gave them a great advantage in the game. Their performance on the court was greatly enhanced by the balance between individual skill, and the overall strength that can only be brought out within a team. 

Ricardo Patocs describes his journey on the FCMS Basketball Team. “It’s a big moment for the school. Some of the games were stressful. There were many tense moments in the games but we work well as a team. There were many games we got lucky, and others that we conquered,” Patocs elaborates. “We grew as a team together,” he says.

Nicholas Patocs is proud of the team’s accomplishments. “The season’s been good because we won a lot of games and worked hard. We got what we worked for. I’m really proud of my teammates and I that we made it so far.”

Despite the growing lead, the boys continued to take their opponents seriously, unshakable, despite the score that was growing in their favor. This was especially important in maintaining their focus and giving their all, to make the best out of the game. 

One smooth pass to the next, and back-to-back one and three pointers, the game continues to go smoothly. Team spirit is soaring, and the confidence is high. The gap in the score continues to increase, and the sweet prospects of winning are undeniable. 

Finally, with only one minute left to play, the victory is set in stone. The Falcons have obtained a 22 point lead. And…victory! Celebrations ensue, and the winning shirts and hats are passed out to the thrilled, and ecstatic boys basketball team! 

Congratulations 2021 Boys Basketball, Coach Q, Coach Jones, and Coach Smedley! An additional congratulations to the 2021 MSAA Boys Basketball most valuable player, Justin Poms! Falcon Cove is proud of each and every one of the players on the team for their extraordinary performance. As the 2021 basketball season concludes, Falcon Cove cannot wait for another great season next year!

Congratulations to FCMS Boys Basketball!
Congratulations to MSAA 2021 Boys Basketball MVP, Justin Poms!