6th Grade Dance!


6 grade students having a blast!

DANCING IN NEON LIGHTS! To welcome our new 6th graders, the PTA put together the annual 6th grade dance, and the students definitely had a blast! On October 11, the cafeteria turned into a dance floor, with neon lights flashing and the DJ blasting music. 

 Students were also able to take photos with their friends in the photo booth. There were many props to use and everyone got to take their picture home. The decorations of the cafeteria were amazingly done by the PTA. They did a great job of transforming the cafeteria with neon lights, colors, and decorations. The kids were screaming, dancing, and having the time of their lives!

 6th grader, Juan Figueiredo said, “The dance was really fun. The music was nice and there was pizza, candy, cookies, popcorn, water, and soda.”

Andrea Abrams said  the six dance, “was a really great experience. I liked the booth and the neon lights. I had a lot of fun and I’m really excited for the grade 7 and 8 dances in the future.”

Nikki Meza also thought highly of the dances. She said, “There was good food. It was a nice dance and I had a good time.”

This year’s 6th grade dance was a success! Everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you Falcon Cove PTA

Lots of students attended the dance and they all had a blast.
A group of students enjoying their time at the 6th grade dance.