Home Economics Sewing up Fun

Some of our Falcons working hard at creating their sewing projects.


The Home Economics program has been a grand success! This year, the sixth and seventh graders have already begun to get into the groove, and are well into the curriculum. So far they are learning how to sew and, later on in the year, students will learn other valuable life lessons such as how to cook. 

 Ramiro Castillo, a very passionate Home Ec student said, “In Home Ec, I’ve learned how to sew and how to take care of myself. It’s been really fun so far!” Students have tons of fun while learning important life skills. 

The Home Ec students who were interviewed for this story have said they have a newfound passion for this elective. Dyllian Ellis said, “I really like how we do fun things like sewing!” Students also have a chance to make new friends while practicing skills they will need in their future.

Mariana Sanin, another student said, “Home Ec is really fun because I get to hang out with my great friends. I learn how to sew too, and other future life skills. I love it!” Dyllian and Mariana, alongside their classmates, now know how to use sewing needles and how to crochet with ease. 

These students are working hard at perfecting their sewing skills.

Home Economics is truly a fantastic choice for all those who want to expand their skills. Students are already making such progress, and they can’t wait until the next activity!