What’s In YOUR Backpack?

Whats In YOUR Backpack?


Gum-One of Gloria’s backpack necessities is Extra Peppermint gum. “Chewing gum always helps me concentrate. Whether it be a math test or writing an essay, the chewing on sweet minty gum always keeps me focused.




Perfume-“The Crush perfume by Victoria’s Secret is my favorite scent of perfume and gets me though the day.”
Calculator- A TI-30Xa is the go to calculator here at the Cove. “I do not know what I would have done without this calculator, it’s a lifesaver, this calculator has gotten me through many hard math tests over the middle school years.”


What’s in Your Backpack?

“What’s In Your Backpack” is a recurring story that explores the contents of a middle school student’s backpack


Gloria loves her black Jansport backpack, “My favorite part about my black Jansport backpack is how many things I can fit in it. I never run out of room in that backpack,” Gloria stated. “I also never have to worry about my backpack not matching my outfit because the black color matches everything I wear which is great.”