Ethical Dilemma


Gabriella Gigante & Isabella Clark

Ethical Dilemma

Left Out of the Club By: Scholastic’s Philip Galanes 

I’m a college student. Two of my closest friends and I applied for a competitive campus club. They got in, I didn’t. One of them is sensitive about it and doesnt bring it up; the other talks about the club all the time. She’s not doing it to rub it in my face, but hearing about it makes mfeel sad. How can I ask her not to?  Anonymous 

 We wimany victories in our lives and suffer many defeatsAnd we must learn how to be gracious about both. Better for you to find anotheclub that yocan benthusiastic about than trto squelch your pal’s (not cruel) excitement. This club is part of her life now, and if you want to stay close with her, youre going to hear about it, though probably less over time. If it’s any consolation, you’ll likely learn much more from this rejection than she will from her easy win.  – Scholastic