FCMS Helping The Bahamas

FCMS Helping The Bahamas

Falcon Cove’s very own Latinos in Action students have put in a tremendous amount of effort to help the hurricane-afflicted Bahamas. They collected baby essentials, batteries, flashlights, sunscreen, bug spray, cleaning products, and hygiene essentials from everyone at the school. On the Friday that the hurricane hit, Latinos in Action teacher, Mr. Rodriguez and journalism adviser, Ms. Malone, decided to make the collection efforts school-wide. The collection ended Friday, September 20. 

Hurricane Dorian was the strongest hurricane on record to strike the Bahamas and was the first Category 5 to make landfall on Grand Bahama Island. The destruction was ruinous and the truckload of donations delivered will surely assist in the recovery. The students involved shared the same passion to help.  

“The Latinos in Action program was collecting donations for the Bahamas to try to help them recover,” Latinos in Action 7th grader Gema Iglesias explained. “We went around the school asking for donations, and we collected a good amount.” 

The students went from class to class, spreading the word about the event. Soon enough, the whole Latinos in Action room was filled with boxes. Mr. Rodriguez delivered the supplies that were collected in a U-Haul truck acquired by science teacher, Mr. Keery.

“It makes me feel like I’m important and making a difference in society,” said Latinos in Action 8th grader Javier Lageyre.

The Latinos in Action group has been known to help the community in times of need, as it usually assists with current disaster events such as hurricanes, or partakes in community service. This enriches the lives of not only those helped but also those that help.

Latinos in Action 8th grader Leticia Gonzalez so perfectly summed it up, “We gathered essentials for the Bahamas, and I felt very good after it because I was helping others and it made me feel good about myself because I’m giving back to others.”  

Latinos in Action worked hard to get these items to the Bahamas.
The items are ready to go to the Bahamas!