FCMS Book Fair


Mya Wolf & Catalina Sanchez

The school year has begun so you know what that means; the Book Fair is here! The Book Fair is a great opportunity to find that one book to read in your free time. Shelves upon shelves are filled with books from all. Everyone can find and get their book of choice. 

Many students come to the book fair for different reasons. Maria Luiza Bronstein Soares came because she had a free period. “I was in peer counseling and I wanted to check out the book fair,” Soares said. “I attended because I don’t have any books to read in my free time.” 

Eighth grader Miguel Cabrera explained that he came to the book fair to purchase books that were advertised. “I came to the book fair because I saw books that interested me because of the tv shows and movies I have watched.”  

At the book fair, there are so many genres of books to choose from. Many students at Falcon Cove have different favorite genres. Andrew Burns said that he enjoys science fiction because he is very active in science competitions. “I like to read science fiction,” Burns stated. “I am currently involved in a science competition and I really like learning about science.” 

Sixth grader Maria Badel said that mystery was her favorite genre. ” I enjoy reading mystery because its interesting and encourages me to keep reading new, interesting books.

Some students even came to purchase the book they have had their eye on for a long time. Matias Trillio explained that he came to find the book, Allies by Alan Gratz.” When I came to the book fair, I was looking for a book titled Allies by Alan Gratz and I fortunately found it. I forgot my money today however, I am very excited to buy it tomorrow.”

However, that’s not all students. The majority of the students here at The Cove come to the book fair and end up purchasing a book that caught their eye. Isabella Galarraga said that a colorful and vibrant cover on a book is the biggest factor when it comes to a book catching her eye. “The picture in the front catches my eye,” Galarraga explained. “When I look at a book, it is mostly because something colorful caught my eye.” 

 Miranda Vivas stated,”The cover and the description interests me about a book. It basically summarizes what the book is about.”

7th grader Isabella Castelino came to the book fair, although with no specific book in mind first, but she did not leave empty handed. “At first I didn’t really have a book in mind however, once I got to the Book Fair, I found many books that looked really interesting to me,” Castelino expressed. “For example, the book Guts by Raina Telgemeier is a book I am very excited to read.”