Latinos in Action’s Bike Drive 

Latinos in Action is giving back this holiday season! 

Falcon Cove Middle School’s Latinos in Action program is always doing nice things for others, and this holiday season, the program didn’t disappoint. Latinos in Action made several children’s Christmas special this year by giving bikes to kids in need in the tri-county school area. 

The Latinos in Action students and staff members including Mr. Steven Carruth, Mr. Hely Rodriguez, and many more, worked together to organize a bike drive. Latinos in action impressively purchased 48 bikes to give to kids who are less fortunate.  

“We are helping the community by giving back so less fortunate kids feel cared about,” says Andrea Castejon, a 7grade student in Latinos in Action. 

The bikes are being donated to schools, Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, Village Elementary School, Castle Hill Elementary School, and Dillard Elementary school, where some parents can’t afford gifts for the holidays. Latinos in Action hopes the kids who received the bikes, specifically chosen, will enjoy them. 

“The schools were chosen based on the connections we have because I didn’t want the bikes to go to the wrong kids,” says Mr. Hely Rodriguez, the Latinos in Action teacher. “I wanted the bikes to go to the kids that deserved it the most.” 

The money wasn’t a piece of cake to earn, though. The Latinos in action students all worked together and each sold a bag of lollipops and made a nice profit. 

“At school, we ask people if they wanted to buy our lollipops,” Andrea Castejon says. “We sold one for seventy-five cents or two for a dollar” 

“I believe this is a great way to help make kids’ Christmas dreams come true,” said 7 grader Sofia Botero.  

“It is the motto of Latinos in Action to help others,” said Mr. Rodriguez. “Like I tell the world, do it because it’s the right thing to do.” 

Falcon Cove is very proud of Latinos in Action and all they accomplished in this bike drive. 

Latinos in Action standing with all the bikes they donated.