What Phone Service Works Best At School?


One big question that many students have here at The Cove is: Which cell phone service works best at school?

After carefully collecting our information, we noticed that about 70% of students use AT&T, it clearly seems to be the most popular one used at the school. Although compared to other phone services, it works best. However, it seems to have the worst connection in the cafeteria. Lily Gupta stated, “I have AT&T and it works pretty well in school. The only problem is that I can’t use my phone at lunch.”


One thing that stood out in our research is the portable area is a great place to check your phone without having any connectivity issues. Makana Dyrud has Verizon and explained, “The only place where my phone seems to work is in the portables. In both buildings nothing ever loads.”


Jordyn Lustig and Fernando Luz both use T-Mobile and don’t have much luck when it comes to getting cell phone service at school. “I do not really recommend T-Mobile because unlike AT&T, my phone does not even have one spot where it works the best. It just has a bad connection throughout the school” said Fernando Luz.

 School may not be the ideal place for using a cell phone if you want the best connection possible. All agree regardless of phone carrier, no service is perfect at school.  All carriers work in  certain places throughout the school and can give you a few moments to check your phone during your school day when you go from place to place.