3-D Self-Introduction Projects by Chinese 1


The Chinese I class finished the self-introduction projects making 3D images of themselves and saying many phrases that introduced themselves. The class wrote phrases like “What’s your name?”, “How old are you?”, “When’s your birthday?”, and “What year were born?”. The students presented their projects to the class and they turned out amazing!

The Chinese 1 class consists of  35 wonderful students that meet the first-period block. The class learns all about introducing themselves and others in Chinese. The students also learn about the culture and geography of China. The students will eventually do a wonderful project comparing the culture, food, climate, architecture, and attractions of Miami to Dalian later in the school year. The class touches on writing and grammar which they later finish in the Chinese 2 class that is taught by Mrs. Wang.

One of the fantastic projects that was presented.



One of the students smiling after presenting his great project!