In Honor of Mrs. Faith


Keep Ms. Faith’s spirit alive! We miss you!

Recently Falcon Cove lost one of its staff members, Ms. Faith Fischer. If you don’t know Ms. Faith, she was one of the staff members at the front office.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               She always had a smile on her face and always greeted you with a hello.

 Mrs. Harvey told one of her favorite memories with Ms. Faith, “I used to be her neighbor, right next door at school. She would open the door and I would see her everyday with her great big smile. I had a student that would always tease her about the Patriots and they would always end with a big laugh. I loved watching it, it made my day.” Mrs. Harvey was definitely not the only one with an impact, “every single moment was unique, she was such a giving and caring person. No one can fill the spot she left behind. She was the happiest person and was definitely the most dedicated to helping every single student here at Falcon Cove,” said Ms. Marjorie Guevara.

Over the weekend, there was a celebration to honor Ms. Faith. Her family and close friends gave speeches, even Dr. Kaplan went up to talk. They let go of butterflies, they had a barbecue and the chorus sang Ms. Faith’s favorite song, “Sweet Caroline.” There was also a moment of silence to celebrate in her honor and memory. 

Everyone is part of the circle of life, Ms. Faith did her part and now students and staff will keep her spirit alive and remember what she did for Falcon Cove. She had such an impact and the brightest smile. We miss you Ms. Faith!

In honor of Ms. Faith, teachers and students wore the Red Sox and Patriot sports colors.