Standardized Testing Opinions


Jenna Tanner

Standardized testing is used in schools all around the world. Here at Falcon Cove, there are many different types of ends of the year testing. Some include Florida Standards Assessments (FSA), final exams, and End of Course Exams (EOC). Standardized testing is used to determine the level of the student and see the improvements made.

Although schools require distinct kinds of testing, some students may not have the same opinions on standardized testing.

“I think they’re unnecessary. I think they take away from learning time and preparing for next year,” explains 8th grader Ella Collins.

“I don’t like standardized testing. I believe it is pressuring on students and that students grades already reflect their understanding of the subjects, so there is no need for a test,” said Savannah Moore, 8th grader.

Nevertheless, Falcon Cove students continue to perform well on standardized tests. While some students may disagree with the tests, some are in favor of them! Whether it’s to see performance or to see improvements, different tests reflect different things.

8th grader Andrea Abrams states “I think it’s good to see how much people in public schools mentally grow and develop”.

Some students believe that there are pros and cons when it comes to testing.

“They are unnecessary and necessary at the same time because you can’t measure your smarts because of your grades.” Says 8th grader, Federico Ginestra. “But then again, having a big test at the end of the year is not smart because you can’t remember everything from the whole year.”

In the end, students will have all kinds of different opinions on standardized testing, whether they’re in favor of it or not.

Autumn Moore, 8th grade, tells us “It’s a good way to test students to see how they do under pressure”.