Art Class


Priscilla Bivins designs her skull for the Day of the Dead

Rowan Leone and Alia Langshaw

The art class, taught by Ms. Jennifer Goss, was not majorly affected by Covid-19 and learning at home. Despite being online, many students seemed to find it easy to complete assignments. Even though materials weren’t available to the students online, they were able to make do with what they had at home.

This year, art students seem to be thriving in the environment of a classroom rather than at home.

“Being virtual was a challenge yet students were extremely successful in creating artwork yet being hands-on, face-to-face is more exciting because you get to interact with each other and materials within in the art room.” Says art teacher Ms. Goss. “There is a different atmosphere when you get to meet all together to create your artwork.”

In the spirit of Halloween, students are now working on themed projects and assignments to match the eeriness that the spooky holiday brings. Currently focusing on Board Game Horror Movie Posters and parody to the classic painting The Scream; the class is enthusiastic to celebrate Halloween with their skills. Poster designing and creating started on October 11th and continues until the 22nd. For Día De Los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, Art 2 students are working on 3D skulls in the spirit of the Mexican Holiday; they will begin to create these skulls on October 21st.

When asked about how she feels with the pandemic, face-to-face classrooms, and the current assignments, art student Elisa Julien expresses, “I feel like it’s kind of normal because I came to school last year and was in art. It’s really cool how Ms. Goss decorates the room and makes our assignments based on Halloween because none of my other teachers do that.”

Art 1 and 2 are welcoming to their artists and represent a lovely environment for them to learn in. It is a safe place for students to express themselves via artwork and relax.

“This class is a place where I don’t only do what I love to do but I am also in a place where people are kind and very fun,” states Luiza Bissacot Charlier, an artist from Art 2. Art is a place without judgment. The class ranges from Art 1 to Art and is a healthy environment for students to learn in. “This class is very accepting to everyone.”, says Art 2 student, Priscilla Bivins.

Art 1 students focus on 2D art but are still encouraged to improve their skills and try their best while having fun and enjoying themselves.

In total, students always enjoy their time in the classroom; no matter what the assignment seems to be! It’s a safe place for students to draw to their heart’s content and paint their canvas with new, fresh ideas from their creative minds.