Class of 2026 Is Becoming The “Top-Dogs” of Middle School


As the school year ends, students start to prepare for the upcoming summer ahead. 8th grade students will say goodbye to middle school and prepare to start their journey with high school. Next year, 7th grade students will be the oldest at Falcon Cove.

7th-grade soon-to-be 8th-grade students have not had a full normal year of middle school. Their 6th-grade year was cut short, and this year most students are doing school online. Next year students will be able to see their friends who they may not have seen for 2 years. 

“I’m excited for eighth grade because I finally get to see everyone. I’m not excited to leave but I’m excited to be able to see everyone next year,” says seventh grade student, Chloe Blum. “It’ll be great to finally interact with people and see my new teachers, or my teachers from this year that I didn’t get to see.”

Next year, 7th-grade students will be the oldest in the school, as it will be their last year of middle school since they are eighth graders. These students have many options about taking different high school credit classes. Some examples of these type of classes are World Languages, Journalism, Debate, and many more. 

“Next year I’m taking Chinese 2. I loved Chinese 1 this year and had an amazing teacher who made me want to continue.” Says 7th grader Jacey Stoll. “I can’t wait to learn more in this fun high school credit elective.”

As soon-to-be 8th grade students transition into summer, they have many fun activities and a few perks that those don’t really get to do in 6th or 7th grade, waiting for them when they return from the break. Also, being an eighth grader comes with different responsibilities, such as the way they act.

“I’m excited to be moving up to 8th grade because it’s the last year of middle school and it’s exciting because it’s a year before we go into high school.” Says Mariana Ramirez, “It’s going to be fun to be the oldest because you can show the younger kids a good example of how to act and how to be a good student. I can be there for them and help them.” 

Most students are excited for new things, but some students are looking forward to getting to know their school better before they leave it. It all happens so fast, so enjoy it while it lasts!


“I’m looking forward to being one step closer to graduating,” says 7th grader Fernanda Del Bianco. “I’m also looking forward to meeting my new teachers.’’